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(=^・ω・^=) //silent posts for gda-gang-auHimeka | |  Red
Tends to address everyone she knows with strange nicknames she made by herself.
Usually seen hiding or staying behind her fellow gang member’s backs, would occasionally hold or tug their hands.
Acts like a naive girl whose looks too innocent to manipulate others, but no one knows she actually has a deceiving nature.
Often would play pranks on the gang when she’s bored, and nobody would suspect her being the culprit, due to her innocent looks. I repeat, nobody.
Trivia: Don’t be deceived by her umbrella, something is hidden within it.(c): hakamiigomiartBonus undercut—
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_(:3JL marry me
Anonymous asked: May I ask. How do you draw? I mean... Make a video of you drawing. Just try. I'm not telling/forcing you to do it. I just want to know.

O///O ) aaah anon-san hello !!
I do Livestreams before ..maybe i’ll do it again before school starts again :D LS can record too so if there are only few people come and my art will go pretty well,I’ll post a video about it ///// o )
t-thank you very much for asking !!!

lovely chibi neru’s lovely children [ i just need to find shrink films ;; ]
part 1

I made very weird dangos wwww btw let’s not forget the feels that nakahara mai bring to clannad series… expect more feels to ayano
1 DAY TO GO !!!!! / >o <)/ expect gif spams and deaths of kagepro fans tomorrow !! let’s look it forward together!!!!
i love everyone’s cover of daze PLEASE more people sing daze please